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About Me

I consider myself a Generalist.  This means I have a wide variety of skills and experience that lets me adapt and contribute for a comprehensive variety of needs. The world is changing and companies need to pivot to adjust for these changes and new opportunities now more than ever.

Most of my experience has been with Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) growing from a technological background into design, artitecture, management, senior leadership and entrepreneur.   Critical thinking, planning, complex problem solving, communication, quick learning and leadership are a few of those highly transferrable skills that allow me to help in almost any environment.

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Chris Crowle


Chris is resourceful, multi-disciplined and customer focused with expertise in improving business operations by analyzing and implementing technology, marketing, management and business solutions. Keen business acumen for enhancing efficiencies and increasing profits by defining requirements, assessing processes, developing comprehensive plans and optimizing solutions.

A creative and critical thinker who fosters collaboration, ensuring company projects and goals are properly coordinated, within budget, and achieving targets. Strengths lie in mediating goals and expectations between executive team members, team members, and clients. Exceptionally resourceful, multi-disciplined and customer focused.

His unique combination of technology, management, marketing and business experience that make him an asset in multiple types of roles for many organizations.

The Promo Addict & You Need a BBQ – Operations Manager

June 2020 – Present 

Sherwood Park, AB

Check out thepromoaddict.com and youneedabbq.com!


Devco Consulting – General Manager

September 2016 – March 2020 (3 years 7 months)

Edmonton, AB

Returned by request to help increase business due to previous successes at Devco. Chris directly managed marketing, production, financial, technology and installation teams.

  • Expanded into new markets / locations by revising company identity, updating business and marketing plans and by developing new marketing website and materials.
  • Increased profitability and improved efficiencies by streamlining production and manufacturing processes, such as updating the core production tracking system, optimizing machine run time and reduced employee manufacturing effort.
  • Maintained high quality and service levels during period of significant business growth.
  • Doubled active customer accounts by developing and marketing new program for Safety Associations after identifying need to expand customer base.
  • Designed and built online presence for product ordering and delivery of Safety Program materials as part of Energy Safety Canada, Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association and British Columbia Safety Association partnerships.
  • Signed long-term contracts with key partners in safety and materials vendors to reduce overall costs.
  • Doubled revenue by overseeing implementation of exclusive contract providing signage for the Fort Hills Oil Sands mine and ensured effective HR management with an increase of 2x the local and remote workers in less than a year.
  • Implemented online job management systems accessible both locally and remotely.
  • Developed supply planning for scheduled deliveries on site, accommodating regular and unexpected orders.
  • Managed significantly increased cash inflow by developing cashflow monitoring and financial reporting procedures, and enhancing relationships with vendors to allow for later payment terms.

 Chris has built multiple websites for Devco and their customers, please visit: https://devcogroup.com, https://escsafety.devcogroup.com, https://amhsa.devcogroup.com, https://bcmsa.devcogroup.com, https://maintainingmentalfitness.com

Latium Fleet & Asset Management – Director of Technology

March 2015 – September 2016 (1 year 7 months)

Nisku, AB

Returned by request and strengthened company’s core fleet management business by executing growth in marketing, technology and business development with a focus on disrupting the traditional fleet industry with new and unique offerings and relationships. Worked directly with ownership and senior staff.

  • Improved market presence by implementing a new marketing image / message, updating online presence and implementing full SEO, SEM and social media solutions.
  • Supported improved business operations by revamping business plan / identity, increasing technology speed, stability and feature offerings, as well as updating HR processes and procedures.
  • Built up the fleet consulting business and optimized expenditures by analyzing and developing solutions for large fleets.
  • Increased revenue and saved on expenditures by adding multiple channel partners to resell products / services and by reducing general and administration expenses.
  • Decreased customer costs and offered new products by partnering with a large Canadian vehicle rental provider.
  • Partnered with, integrated and enhanced with the world’s most complete and fastest growing remote vehicle monitoring technology (www.geotab.com) with Latium’s core technology.
  • Improved cross-department and remote communications by implementing internal tools.
  • Reduced amount of delinquent accounts by implementing a collections solution.

Devco Consulting – General Manager

March 2014 – March 2015 (1 year 1 month)

Edmonton, AB

Increased growth and profitability of the company as a business consultant.

  • Increased overall revenue by 25% by shifting focus to high margin products and unique services.
  • Decreased costs of goods sold by 10% by performing a comprehensive review and update of all pricing to provide value-based costing.
  • Streamlined quotation, production and invoicing procedures and processes by developing and implementing electronic quotation, production control and invoicing software systems.
  • Streamlined staffing by outsourcing key areas where effort-to-margin ratio was insufficient.
  • Provided guidance and met first year growth / expense goals after creating 3- and 5-year business plans.

Minuteman Press East Edmonton – Owner

June 2010 – February 2014 (3 years 9 months)

Edmonton, AB

Started and managed full-service printing company working with print, signage, and promotional materials. Built customer base to more than 200 with $650,000 in revenue in three years. Achieved 13% net revenue FYE 2013 and increasing before selling.

  • Improved bottom line by outsourcing low-margin products and focusing production on high-value products.
  • Strategically grew business by identifying market opportunity for signage as an added component, eventually becoming 40% of the overall revenue.
  • Successfully transitioned more than 95% of the recurring customer base to new owner when sold in 2014.

Latlogix Inc – Director of Information Technology

May 2008 – April 2010 (2 years)

Nisku, AB

Oversaw core GPS tracking solution product line and internal IT projects and provided financial and consulting expertise. Managed four independent IT projects with seven different technology vendors. Set up and successfully maintained budgets and projections.

  • Managed L2 AVL GPS tracking hardware device developments with an external hardware vendor, including specification creation, design contribution and facilitation, project monitoring, test case creation and execution.
  • Managed development and enhancement of the Latlogix Fleet Management application with an external software vendor including specification creation, design contribution and facilitation, project monitoring, test case creation and execution.
  • Managed the transition of Hardware and Software development to in house resources for continued growth and maintenance.
  • Set up and negotiated vendor relationships with data communications wholesalers, critical for sending data in between the L2 and Latlogix platforms.
  • Facilitated migration of the existing QuickBooks accounting software to Microsoft Dynamics (Navision).
  • Managed update to the internal marketing website, including a transition of the website and email to a new domain.
  • Consulted with new customers including setting up a vehicle maintenance shop and processes, business process re-engineering, and fleet audits / fleet management set up.
  • Met the fall rush of orders with zero slippage by salvaging products that were previously five months behind schedule.
  • Through a management consulting engagement, transformed a dysfunctional customer’s internal maintenance shop into a profit center.
  • Lowered build cost by 25% and set up pricing / process with a cellular data wholesaler 70% cheaper than the original plan.

Safefreight Technology (USA) Inc. – Director of Product Development

April 2003 – March 2008 (5 years)

Edmonton, AB

Director of Product Development

Managed internal teams and external vendors working in technical and customer-focused disciplines of the company’s product line. Reported directly to the CEO.

  • Lead the Safefreight product line from the proverbial “blank sheet of paper” to full production with 2000 units in the field and over 90 customers.
  • Directs a team of 11 staff in 4 divisions (Hardware engineering, Software Engineering, Production, and Fulfillment) and outsourcing with 4 vendors. 2007 annual budget approximately $1,500,000.
  • Manages 10-15 projects simultaneously.
  • Provides strategy and direction for Safefreight’s product line utilizing key market and existing customer drivers.
  • Interfaces with current and potential clients through the entire sales lifecycle: presenting the technology to prospective clients, managing installations and training, and providing ongoing technical support post implementation.
  • Guided the Safefreight product line from the proverbial “blank sheet of paper” to full production with 2000 units in the field and over 90 customers.
  • Designed Safefreight’s development and reporting process.
  • Instrumental in closing large ($300,000-$1,200,000) deals with top tier customers: Shell Oil, Sobeys, and CNRL.
  • Drove cost reduction strategies on Safefreight’s production platform that lowered cost by 20-30%, depending upon the platform.

Alberta Learning – Senior Business Analyst

January 2003 – March 2003 (3 months)

Edmonton, AB

Aligned and integrated business processes and systems supporting the School Authorities Funding and Data Collection functions of the School Funding and Data Collection (SFDC) project. Delivered an interim plan for addressing the immediate needs of the finance unit and a long-term plan for Alberta Learning’s technical direction.


Agricultural Financial Services Corporation – Developer (Contract Position)

August 2002 – March 2003 (8 months)

Lacombe, AB

Developed new services and enhancements to existing services in Envoy application for maintaining crop insurance.


Cyrus Solutions Inc. – Senior Consultant

March 2000 – April 2002 (2 years 2 months)

Edmonton, Alberta

Chris utilized his multidisciplinary skills to assist Cyrus in a number of areas including Technical Solutions Architecture, Business and Systems analysis, Software Development and Business Development.

Business Development

Chris was instrumental in attracting new clientele, closing deals, and leading teams on marketing, pre-sales, presentations and proposal generation activities.  Chris’s Architecture skills were beneficial in pre-sales, presentation and proposal settings; enabling a potential client able to visualize their solution and gain trust in the company prior to proceeding further.

Employee Benefit Fund Administration – Architect

Employee Benefit Fund Administration (EBFA) application.  This system was used for the administration of Pension, Medical, and Life Insurance Claim information.  Chris architected, along with his design team, a generic, extensible administration system with configurable business rules.

Alberta Children’s Services – Lead Developer

PChIP (Protection of Children Involved in Prostitution) web-based reporting system for Alberta Children’s Services.

Strathcona Career Training Institute (SCTI) – Analyst

Redevelopment of SCTI’s Enterprise Developer Program Curriculum.  SCTI uses Cyrus resources on a continual basis for teaching the existing Enterprise Developer curriculum.

IntelAegis – Process Designer and Architect

IntelAegis is a risk management process that can be used stand alone or in conjunction with an expert system-based toolkit.  Chris worked with IntelAegis to help define (refine) their process into a methodology as well as the creation of a data acquisition tool.

WestJet – Developer

WestJet Employee Policy intranet application.  The application provided a central area where WestJet employees could view and confirm that they read new WestJet Policies.  An administration section was also created that provided Microsoft Word to Adobe Acrobat document conversion and storage into a central database.

Cv-Boss – Application Architect

Industrial Valve Brokerage E-commerce system.  Connected valve manufacturers and brokers with engineers via the web.

PricewaterhouseCoopers – Senior Consultant

January 1997 – April 2000 (3 years 4 months)

Edmonton, AB

Starting as a Junior Software Developer, Chris quickly rose through the ranks to lead the technical development team for Prospor, PricewaterhouseCoopers’s flagship international mutual fund accounting system. From there, Chris took on roles as a Technical Architect, Team Lead and Systems Analyst for projects across multiple industries.

Prospor – Development Lead

Prospor is a multi-currency, multi-portfolio, and multi-fund mutual fund accounting system.  Prospor is an in-house product developed by Coopers & Lybrand and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Initial development costs were approximately $2 million; with in excess of 20 install locations worldwide.  Chris led a team of 3-6 developers (depending upon project phase) during his 2 years on the Prospor project.  He was also instrumental in the design and development of the custom Managed Futures module, and the data conversion application.

Alberta Labour Relations Board – Application Architect

Alberta Labour Relations Board Case Management System.  The Case Management System tracks all aspects of worker / trade union disputes and trade union certifications / revocations.  Chris participated in all levels of the project including estimation, analysis, design, framework and application object development, testing, and data conversion.

Assetworks – Analyst, Designer and Developer

Assetworks Utilities and Interface modules for their Facilities Management Enterprise Software.  The new module monitors utilities (Gas / Water / etc.) and interfaces with the existing Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable system.  Client software can interface with various accounting and HR packages such as Peoplesoft and SAP.

Marketing Magazine Web Survey – Developer

Marketing Magazine Salary Web Survey.  This survey captures salary information from Canadian marketing and Advertising firms.


Information Systems – Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, 1996 – 1997
Computer Systems Technology – GPRC, 1993 – 1996

Miscellaneous Courses Taken:
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) – 2015

Scrum: The Basics – 2020

Scrum: Advanced – 2020

Agile Foundations – 2020

Python Essential Training – 2020

Python for the C# Developer -2020

Python Data Visualization – 2020

Developing Emotional Intelligence – 2020

Hobbies / Interests

Board Member, Northern Alberta Martial Arts Association – 2017 – Present

Volunteer Soccer Coach – 2015-2019

Karate, Golf, Skiing, Badminton, Soccer, Football, Bass Guitar, Motorcycles.

I love building things outside of technology and work items and am a proficient carpenter, welder, and mechanic.


This isn’t an exhaustive list of skills, but it may give you some idea of the variety of things I can do!

Skill Category Level (1-low, 5-expert) Last Used
Business Development Business 4 2020
Agile Methodologies (Scrum) Software Development 3 2016
Agile Project Management (Scrum) Software Development 3 2016
Waterfall Software Development Software Development 4 2008
Enterprise Architecture Software Development 3 2010
Requirements Analysis Business 4 2020
Requirements Gathering Business 4 2020
Telecommunications Technology 5 2016
Vendor Management Business 4 2020
Operations Management Business 3 2020
IT Management Technology 4 2016
Data Modelling Software Development 3 2008
Financial - SME Financial 4 2020
Financial - Enterprise / Public Financial 2 2020
Marketing Business 3 2020
Software Development / Engineering Software Development 4 2020
Business Process Improvement Business 4 2020
Solution Architecture Software Development 4 2016
Software Project Management Software Development 4 2016
Software Design Software Development 3 2016
Systems Analysis Software Development 3 2016
IT Strategy Technology 3 2016
Mobile Applications Software Development 2 2020
Strategic Planning Business 5 2020
Fleet Management Fleet 3 2016
Light Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Fleet 3 2016
GPS Tracking Technology 5 2016
Telematics Technology 4 2016
Geotab Technology 4 2016
Hardware Engineering Technology 2 2016
Hardware Engineering Project management Technology 3 2016
Manufacturing Management Business 3 2020
Oracle Database Software Development 2 1999
Microsoft SQL Server Software Development 3 2015
MySQL Software Development 2 2020
Microsoft .NET C# Software Development 3 2020
SQL Software Development 4 2016
C++ Software Development 2 1998
HTML Web Development 4 2020
CSS 3 Web Development 4 2020
Wordpress Web Development 4 2020
Divi (Wordpress Theme) Web Development 4 2020
Storefront (Wordpress Theme) Web Development 3 2020
Wordpress Security Web Development 3 2020
WooCommerce Web Development 3 2020
SEO Web Development 3 2020
SEM (Google Adwords) Web Development 3 2020
Social Media Marketing Web Development 2 2020
PHP Web Development 2 2020
Javascript Web Development 2 2020
Java Software Development 2 2003
XML Software Development 3 2003
Flutter Software Development 1 2019
Unity Software Development 1 2020
Microsoft Office - Word Technology 5 2020
Microsoft Office - Excel Technology 5 2020
Microsoft Office - Powerpoint Technology 4 2020
Microsoft Office - Outlook Technology 5 2020
Coreldraw Technology 5 2020
Adobe Acrobat Pro Technology 3 2020
Adobe Illustrator Technology 2 2020
Adobe Photoshop Technology 2 2020
Adobe Indesign Technology 2 2020
Leadership General 5 2020
Mentoring General 4 2020
Management Consulting Business 3 2020
Process Improvement Business 4 2020
Business Case Development Business 4 2020
Business Plan Development Business 4 2020
Marketing Plan Development Business 3 2020
Production - Paper Print Technology 5 2020
Production - Signage Technology 5 2020
Workplace Safety Safety 4 2020
Safety Program Design Safety 4 2020
Safety Program Implementation Safety 3 2020
Neurolinguistic Programming General 3 2020
Emotional Intelligence General 3 2020
Startup Businesses Business 5 2020
Critical Thinking General 5 2020
Vendor Relationship Management Business 4 2020
Customer Relationship Management Business 4 2020
Shopvox - Print Production ERP System Technology 4 2020
Technical Architecture Software Development 4 2016
Math Skills General 4 2020
Problem Solving General 5 2020
Faciliation General 3 2020
Conflict Resolution General 4 2020
Time Management General 5 2020
Writing General 4 2020
Technical Writing Technology 4 2020
Quality Control General 3 2020
Troubleshooting General 5 2020
Active Listening General 3 2020
Creativity General 3 2020
Adaptability / Flexibility General 5 2020
Research General 4 2020
Resourcefulness General 5 2020
Quick Learner General 5 2020
Collaboration General 5 2020
Persuasion General 4 2020
Presentations General 3 2020
Google Docs Technology 3 2020
Google Sheets Technology 3 2020
Google Slides Technology 3 2020
Machine Learning Technology 1 2020
Unity Technology 2 2020
Visual Studio Technology 3 2020
Python Technology 3 2020
Financial Software Systems Technology 3 2000
Powerbuilder 4-7 Software Development 4 2004
Linux (Debian, Ubuntu) Technology 2 2020
Cpanel / Webmin Technology 2 2020
Microsoft Power BI Technology 2 2020
Google Cloud VM Technology 2 2020


I think one of the most rewarding things that a person can experience is gratitude from another.  I am not driven by compensation or title or having the corner office.  Knowing that I made a difference is incredible.

Relationship: Customer of Devco Consulting Ltd.

It has been a real pleasure working with Chris Crowle. Chris is an expert puck handler and navigated many challenging situations within a large team consisting of 3 different organizations with multiple interests. Having Chris on or lead a team is like having an All-Star captain.

LinkedIn Profile

Scott Lyall

Director of Operations, Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMHSA)

Relationship: Direct Report at Devco Consulting Ltd.

I’ve known Chris since 2010 and we met when Devco was on the search for a new vendor. When he came onboard as a vendor Chris showed a strong commitment and a dedication to our business relationship that we had not received from any of our other vendors. During those 4 years we became very close and Devco hired Chris to help build an app with a focus on data collection. Without his expertise we would not have been able to bring that app to a working model. Our relationship only became more concrete and Devco reached out to Chris in 2014 to come join our team.

When Chris came on board not only was he a key player, but he also became a close personal friend of mine. Chris brought a deep toolkit containing a vast skill set with captivating leadership qualities and it did not take long before his contribution to the company became invaluable. Chris’s leadership helped facilitate team cohesion, build trust and enforce teamwork.

During his first year he had taken our small business and provided the essential tools to make it more successful. Instituting addition inventory technology, a website store and refined our process to allow our staff to become more efficient and productive before he left in 2015.

Chris returned to join our team back in 2016, he naturally fell back into his roll of “point person” that many, if not all of the staff went to with questions. Chris was never afraid to take risks and continually provided suggestions for the business to explore. When Enform and the Oils Sands Safety Association merged and became Energy Safety Canada Chris and I started working more closely together. I was thrilled when he and I had the opportunity to collaborate, build and expand our Safety Initiatives. Opening up his toolbox, he brought out skills that bound partnerships with Safety Associations like Energy Safety Canada, AMHSA and BCMSA.

I can highly recommend Chris if you are a company looking for an innovative thinker, great communicator, a person with a high technical aptitude and a strong work ethic. He is motivated by facing challenges he can setup, share, monitor and complete. I have no doubt in my mind that he would make an instant impact within any organization if given the opportunity. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Michael Rinsma

Art Director, Devco Consulting Ltd.

Relationship: Direct Manager at Safefreight Technology (USA) Inc.

Chris is a highly proficient, detailed and “results oriented” manager. He developed and leads a highly productive and motivated team of R&D, Operations, and Fulfillment staff which produces leading edge technology solutions. His superior “project management” skills have led to numerous unique customer applications.

LinkedIn Profile

Jim Balestra

Chief Operating Officer, Safefreight Technology Ltd.

Relationship: Peer at Latlogix Inc.

I’ve collaborated with Chris on a number of challenging projects that required not only expertise (which Chris has an abundance of), but also the ability to communicate and present in effective ways. I would highly recommend Chris along with his business acumen and tremendous technical know-how to any organization that values someone with not only these abilities but the integrity which he brings that is paramount in our mutual prerequisites.

LinkedIn Profile

George Tschernetzki

Senior Business Development Manager, Summit Fleet

Relationship: Peer at Cyrus Solutions Ltd, Peer at Safefreight Technology (USA) Inc.

I had the real pleasure of working with Chris when we worked together at Cyrus and then again at SafeFreight. Chris wore many hats during that time. He has excellent insight into technology ecosystems. Chris is knowledgeable and personable, with a down-to-earth personality. His genuine manner sets him above many other professionals. I would very happily work with Chris in the future given the opportunity. Any company would benefit from having Chris on their team.

Chris has depth in the following areas:
• Voice of the customer
• Strategy
• Business operations
• Process improvement and optimization
• Strategic development
• Risk management
• Vendor relationship management
• Contract negotiation
• Product development
• Building highly productive teams that deliver results
• Organizational design
• Global management
• Data analytics
• Architecture & Development

LinkedIn Profile

Tracy Simmons

CRO & Partner, Loft47

Relationship: Customer at Minuteman Press Edmonton East

Through various events and changes in our office we have come to Chris Crowle for his expertise and tremendous service. He has been a supporter of Special Olympics Alberta for almost two years now and we could not ask for any better friend and colleague than Chris Crowle.

His service is impeccable and he has always provided us, as a charity, the most amazing rates we have ever seen. The quality of work that he provides is unsurpassed and his recommendations for items that we need printed always provide us with more than enough options to help us be most creative and cost-effective.

Taking your print work to Chris is not just taking it to someone who will do the job for you, it is taking it to a trusted colleague, a friend, who will bestow life to the various ideas, art, pictures, and creativity that are collectively floating in a jumble in your head.

This may be print, but it is also art. Thank you, Chris, for the support and friendship you have provided us.

LinkedIn Profile

Krishna Tailor

Manager, Fund Development, Special Olympics Canada