While I’ve written Blog posts before, they were always for the places I worked for, never for myself. I find myself in a strange time of my life, equal parts exciting and concern.  I made the decision in January to work towards a work environment that is better suited for who I am and how I would best help my new company and coworkers succeed.  It’s not that I have regret or unhappy feelings towards places I have worked in the past.  Definitely not, as I have great memories or people, projects, successes and even failures that helped shape me into the person I am today.

I started working with a Career coach in January to help me discover what would help me create my ideal working life going forward.  This has been an interesting and eye opening process that I want to share on here with some other ideas and thoughts in between.  I’ve never consistently blogged like this before so I’m hoping that this process will also help me grow and discover more as well.