Earlier I posted about my experiences with taking the Highlands Ability Battery.  I thought I’d take a bit more time and highlight some other interesting findings from the Career Exploration Reports provided.  This is an excerpt from the Highlands Career Exploration Supplement (HCES).

My Personal Style – Administrator

My first reaction to this was “WHAT?”.  Are they saying I should work in accounting or something?  But as with all items in the Highlands reports, reading some more gives the important details.

Here’s the summary they provided:

You will likely find a good fit in tasks where your individual work contributes to the success of the team. Suggested roles include team-oriented activities with an individual component, such as leadership or coordinator of a project, team or organization; administrative positions such as treasurer or secretary in organizations; support in political campaigns; development or participation in sports teams; participation in artistic groups (theater, choir, band, etc.) or behind the scenes musical or theater activities. In addition, administrative roles can be those that contribute through assistance to the team in broad roles of sales assistant, financial assistant, management assistant, and a myriad of related roles. Additionally, these roles can be found in legal fields that require research and/ or one on one interaction with clients, forensics, working within publishing companies, and management positions that incorporate more one on one or small group functions.

Once I read through this and compared it to the other four in the list, this is definitely the most applicable.  It speaks to how I work effectively with teams and my ability to support people and initiatives in a broad (and deep) manner.

My Reasoning Abilities

Problem Solving (Convergent Reasoning)

My first though here was similar to my “Administrator” reaction, I consider myself good at analysing, diagnosing and having a very pragmatic approach in most types of work I do.  Again, reading more was the answer.

Complex problem solving and the opportunity for implementation and monitoring of solutions are significant motivations for you. Delegation of duties in a group setting is an important tool for you to embrace since you maybe more attuned to the advisory function than with carrying out the details of implementation. Examples of work roles include various forms of counseling, consultative work in your area of expertise (law, medicine, accounting, teaching, construction, etc.) financial advising, working with people and businesses in crisis.

You may find your ability to stay focused on a single goal helps you excel in careers where staying on task and possibly keep others focused on the completion of work or projects is at a premium.

Yes, this has a lot of truths in it.  I’ve done all of these things in the past with a very good level of success.  I do like to roll up my sleeves and learn about the work, but it’s mostly so that I can understand the team’s challenges and advise or help appropriately.

Spatial Reasoning (Between Spatial Creating/Engineering and Spatial Building)


Your mid-range SRT and strong SRV indicate you relate best to the physical or structural world and have a preference for concreteness in your work. You know how to make and build tangible projects and objects and you are also capable of understanding why things need to be designed or produced in a particular way. In simple terms, you understand naturally the “how” of things and you are able to implement the “why”. As a result, you are able to follow instructions and set to work because you understand the concepts or theories that resulted in the product they’re working on.

You will be drawn to work that allows you to physically handle materials. You may be interested in the reason behind the task, but completion of the project in the real world will be your goal. You may enjoy work roles in”hands on” fields such as construction, landscaping, farming, mechanical repair, surgery, dentistry, computer hardware development and construction, architecture, product development, and many others.

This seemed to fit head on…  mostly. I do enjoy building things, but this seemed to be a narrow focus to physical items whereas I like building software, websites, business, processes and many more types of things.  The common thread is that I love to create and have a real world impact.

Final Thoughts

I think I’ll do one more post about the Career Exploration Reports as there is one more report that goes into detail on classifying specific types of roles that I would be naturally suited for.