As I moved into a new job here at the end of June and I found myself not working on the site as much as I was previously, I thought it was time to move to a managed environment.  I wanted to keep my costs down yet still have a good performing website with full email capability.  I have had good experience with providers such as BlueHost, Siteground, and Dreamhost, but I wanted to try something new so I had more experiences in this area.

I chose to try out a Canadian provider called HostPapa.  They had an excellent deal where I got their Pro package for 3 years for a shade over $100 in total (in Canadian dollars!)  It included everything I needed such as multiple domains, full email services, integrated SSL and a load of space.  Transitioning was pretty easy as I used a well respected WordPress plugin called Duplicator to make the move.

Performance-wise, I find the Host Papa environment to work quite well.  Page loads are faster than on my Google Cloud LAMP setup, although editing is a bit slower right now.  I will look into some configuration elements on my new site and see if I can change it.

For the price, this was an excellent move.  Simply giving up the basic maintenance involved with the old server setup has paid for itself immediately.  Time will tell if this was the best provider I’ve worked with, but early impressions are excellent.