I haven’t blogged about COVID-19 or being quarantined as there is enough information in the news to keep everyone busy and my opinion wouldn’t add much to the discussion. What I wanted to talk about here is how I’ve kept busy the last couple of months as the quarantine hit just as I was leaving Devco, making it quite an interesting time for me.  My original plans were to leave Devco to start my search for the ideal work environment, but with the amount of layoffs out there, the number of people looking for the small amount of openings available is quite high.

This leaves me with quite a bit of time on my hands.  I’m one of those people that like to keep busy, so I’m treating this time as an opportunity to grow, learn, and connect.  I also like getting my hands dirty, so it’s also nice that the weather is finally letting me get outside. 🙂

What have I been up to?  Here’s a list in no particular order.  I’m sure it’s not complete…

  1. This site! 🙂
  2. Working on a customer’s site: maintainingmentalfitness.com.
  3. Building a new consulting company with one of my former customers: Catalyst HSEQ Solutions.  Logo is done, website on the way!
  4. Updating my resume and profile and applying to interesting positions.
  5. Adding 200 sqft to our vegetable garden outside.  I think we have at least 60 hills of potatoes now.
  6. Tearing down an old playset for the kids that I built and they outgrew.
  7. Maintenance on all my equipment:  2 garden tractors, 1 compact tractor, rototiller, pressure washer, chainsaw, weedeater, motorcycle, truck and SUV.
  8. Selling off or donating some old things the kids have outgrown: quad, playset parts, buggy, basketball net, art table.
  9. Built an outdoor cat climbing structure using some of the old treated wood pieces from the playset.  It looks more like a weird art project, but the cats seem to like it.
  10. Courses and learning.  This is new learning and revitalizing some old skills: Python, Unity, Agile / Scrum, Emotional Intelligence, Machine Learning, C#, etc.
  11. Checking in with old friends and colleagues to see how they are doing, supporting where I can.
  12. Repairs on the house: front step, sump pump replacement and discharge reroute, staining decks.
  13. Restoring an outside bench swing.
  14. Grading and patching the gravel driveway.
  15. Cooking, cooking and more cooking: BBQ: smoked brisket, ribs, steaks, new type of bread & baking, tweaking old recipes and trying to replicate things we get from some of the restaurants we used to frequent. My green onion cakes are getting pretty good.
  16. Hitting the treadmill, mostly because of #15
  17. Aerating and clearing the lawn of branches.  We have about 1.5 acre of grass so this takes a bit of time.


Weird Cat Climbing Scrap Wood Art Project