Part of the coaching program had me reach out to a few close people and have them do an assessment on me in several key areas:

  • My Talents
  • My Passions
  • My Values
  • My Preferred Lifestyle
  • My Preferred Work Environment / Eco System

I also did this as a self assessment and comparing the results were quite interesting.  In general, the feedback I received was in line with my own thoughts.  This told me that I come across to people the way that I want to, as a genuine person, flaws and all.  This is extremely important to me as like many others, I’ve dealt with unethical or self serving people and I loathe the idea of being thought of as one. I consider myself fairly good at self assessment and I am always striving to improve.  I guess that I bring in my closest family and friends into this process as well if they know me as good as they do!

What did it tell me?

  • I value honest, ethical, authentic people.
  • I want to work with a skilled, diverse team that is all pulling in the same direction.
  • I’m a critical thinker and creative problem solver.
  • I don’t need a lavish lifestyle to be happy.
  • I like tinkering and learning about technologies.

Thanks to my wife Lisa, my oldest friend Brent, and my closest co-worker Michael for helping me!  It’s a long journey and I need my circle to reach the end successfully.