I got a trail camera earlier this year.  We live on a 3 acre plot in Strathcona County and I was curious to see what critters roam around in the back forest.  I’ll create a web page as well to catalogue anything interesting that’s popped up.  Now that spring is finally here there is more activity so I think I’ll make a webpage as well to post anything new that comes up.


Rabbit roaming around.  I think it’s nest is nearby, off to the left of the camera’s field of vision.

We always get lots of deer in this area.  I believe that this family of whitetail have been coming back over the last 15 years in different generations, but that wold be tough to prove.

This is a fun one of a chickadee that decided to hover right by the camera.  Real lucky with this one.

Normally, we see a moose or two in the spring and the fall as they roam through.  They never stay for long.

Picture of the same moose, just the following morning as it stayed the night.  Right beside the rabbit nest.