Welcome to my little corner of the web. I’m constantly trying new things and needed a place to work on them so setting up my own website seemed like the best idea.  If you have any questions or just want to chat, please feel free to Contact Me!


Thanks for visiting my website!  I originally built this website to try different design and technology as I love learning and trying new things.  It’s evolved to more than that for me as it let’s me talk about and express myself in ways that I was never comfortable doing in the past.   

Please have a look around and learn some more about me.  I’m always open to meeting new people and exploring new opportunities so please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

I wanted to show a bit of creativity and mix some of my favorite things together for a fun tech / art exercise so I came up with this idea.  Click on the button to try it out!


I think one of the most rewarding things that a person can experience is gratitude from another.  I am not driven by compensation or title or having the corner office.  Knowing that I made a difference is incredible.

Relationship: Customer of Devco Consulting Ltd.

It has been a real pleasure working with Chris Crowle. Chris is an expert puck handler and navigated many challenging situations within a large team consisting of 3 different organizations with multiple interests. Having Chris on or lead a team is like having an All-Star captain.

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Scott Lyall

Director of Operations, Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMHSA)

Relationship: Peer at Latlogix Inc.

I’ve collaborated with Chris on a number of challenging projects that required not only expertise (which Chris has an abundance of), but also the ability to communicate and present in effective ways. I would highly recommend Chris along with his business acumen and tremendous technical know-how to any organization that values someone with not only these abilities but the integrity which he brings that is paramount in our mutual prerequisites.

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George Tschernetzki

Senior Business Development Manager, Summit Fleet

Relationship: Direct Report at Devco Consulting Ltd.

I’ve known Chris since 2010 and we met when Devco was on the search for a new vendor. When he came onboard as a vendor Chris showed a strong commitment and a dedication to our business relationship that we had not received from any of our other vendors. During those 4 years we became very close and Devco hired Chris to help build an app with a focus on data collection. Without his expertise we would not have been able to bring that app to a working model. Our relationship only became more concrete and Devco reached out to Chris in 2014 to come join our team.

When Chris came on board not only was he a key player, but he also became a close personal friend of mine. Chris brought a deep toolkit containing a vast skill set with captivating leadership qualities and it did not take long before his contribution to the company became invaluable. Chris’s leadership helped facilitate team cohesion, build trust and enforce teamwork.

During his first year he had taken our small business and provided the essential tools to make it more successful. Instituting addition inventory technology, a website store and refined our process to allow our staff to become more efficient and productive before he left in 2015.

Chris returned to join our team back in 2016, he naturally fell back into his roll of “point person” that many, if not all of the staff went to with questions. Chris was never afraid to take risks and continually provided suggestions for the business to explore. When Enform and the Oils Sands Safety Association merged and became Energy Safety Canada Chris and I started working more closely together. I was thrilled when he and I had the opportunity to collaborate, build and expand our Safety Initiatives. Opening up his toolbox, he brought out skills that bound partnerships with Safety Associations like Energy Safety Canada, AMHSA and BCMSA.

I can highly recommend Chris if you are a company looking for an innovative thinker, great communicator, a person with a high technical aptitude and a strong work ethic. He is motivated by facing challenges he can setup, share, monitor and complete. I have no doubt in my mind that he would make an instant impact within any organization if given the opportunity. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Michael Rinsma

Art Director, Devco Consulting Ltd.

Relationship: Peer at Cyrus Solutions Ltd, Peer at Safefreight Technology (USA) Inc.

I had the real pleasure of working with Chris when we worked together at Cyrus and then again at SafeFreight. Chris wore many hats during that time. He has excellent insight into technology ecosystems. Chris is knowledgeable and personable, with a down-to-earth personality. His genuine manner sets him above many other professionals. I would very happily work with Chris in the future given the opportunity. Any company would benefit from having Chris on their team.

Chris has depth in the following areas:
• Voice of the customer
• Strategy
• Business operations
• Process improvement and optimization
• Strategic development
• Risk management
• Vendor relationship management
• Contract negotiation
• Product development
• Building highly productive teams that deliver results
• Organizational design
• Global management
• Data analytics
• Architecture & Development

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Tracy Simmons

CRO & Partner, Loft47

Relationship: Direct Manager at Safefreight Technology (USA) Inc.

Chris is a highly proficient, detailed and “results oriented” manager. He developed and leads a highly productive and motivated team of R&D, Operations, and Fulfillment staff which produces leading edge technology solutions. His superior “project management” skills have led to numerous unique customer applications.

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Jim Balestra

Chief Operating Officer, Safefreight Technology Ltd.

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